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3 Meals That Are Becoming Gluten Free In Restaurants

Are you over eating regular meals and looking for that gluten free taste? Thanks to the growth of options, gluten free meals are becoming a regular occurance in many restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney. But not every meal comes with a gluten free option. So what does? We did the research and we found the three most common gluten free meals that are available in restaurants and bakeries across Melbourne and Sydney.

The Classic Pizza

For too long people that suffer from gluten allergies or were Celiac, couldn’t enjoy the magnificent taste of pizza. The mix of flavours and the dashes of designs gave people a taste they truly loved. And now thanks to the rise of gluten free pizza in Sydney, that options is there for thousands of more people. So whether you are looking to eat gluten free pizza in a restaurant or if you want to go to a bakery, such as Gluten Free 4 U, you can now enjoy a margarita or a Neapolitan without worrying about allergies.

Passionate Pasta

There is no doubting that when it comes to a standard meal that people love to eat when they go out, is pasta. With such a wide selection of pasta options available, you’ll be made to think that there hasn’t been gluten-free options. Well, you don’t have you to worry about – gluten free pasta is very much an option for people in many restaurants and cafes. There is so much to enjoy and so much taste with these options, that we suggest you try it, even though you are not gluten intolerant.

Bread Options

While not “technically” a meal, can you imagine a dinner, lunch or breakfast that doesn’t have some bread on the side? Bread is one of those additions that always finds its way to the table. So it is only natural that as time has progressed that there is more demand for gluten free bread in Sydney cafes and restaurants. If you want the option, all you have to do is ask: in most cases for a little bit more, the establishment will give you the bread option of your choice!

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