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How to Take Your Bathroom from Old to New

Your bathroom is the place you visit the first thing in the morning. Imagine waking up and entering a gloomy, craggy, outdated, bathroom. What a way to give your day a lousy start! Alternatively, would you like to wake up and enter a bathroom that has just been showered in? A spray of the previous user’s soap bubbles and water not only give the bathroom a used feeling, but also can pose a danger of slipping and falling. Either ways, you can avoid these unpleasant bathroom memories altogether. It’s simple, really. Just give your bathroom a makeover by adding in a few practical elements. One such element that can really give you a new look is shower screens.

Shower screens can really change the look of your bathroom. It can transform it from your old run down; gloomy bathroom to make it more classy and appealing. It can complement your bathroom, give it more spacious feel, and make your bathroom look more modern. It also has a practical use. It can keep the rest of your bathroom dry, irrespective of when it was used last. Whether you use your bathroom the first thing in the morning, or use it after a long day, you can make it the one place that looks good and makes you feel relaxed.

What are your options?

Shower screens are essentially an enclosed shower, typically made of either glass or plastic. They come as standalone showers, which are the most common, or as a partition to a tub. You can also opt for a portable one, just in case you live in a rented apartment! A foldout screen is another type that can fold back to the wall. Usually available in two or three fold screens, they can be made in a variety of shapes to suit the size of your bathroom.

Shower screens are available in any colour and material, depending upon how you want to style your bathroom. Those made of glass, however, are most favoured as they give a sleeker look to the bathroom. The glass can be opaque or transparent, with or without designs, embellishments, and go very well with tiled or marbled bathroom floorings. The quality of the glass depends on the brand that made the glass; the material used for the glass also depends on where the glass is going to be used. For example, a glass for screens that are fit into apartments will differ from the ones used in a hotel, or the ones used in the home. All these factors influence the cost of the glass and in turn, the cost of the screen. Nowadays, you can even opt for wireless digital screens. Added shower panels, flipping sprays that can come in spurts, jets, rain-like effects, and steam.

The options are endless, and the designs are many. Giving your simple, old, common bathroom a complete makeover is now very easy. Start your day in the coolest part of your home and end it in the hottest new accessory you add to your bathroom – the shower screen! If you are in Melbourne and looking for repairing your shower base, we recommend bath resurfacing by Innerbath.

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